It’s safe chemical cleaning technology from scale and corrosion for heat exchangers, evaporators, cooling jackets of industrial enterprises.

BIORENEX — is brand new effective and absolutely safe of chemical cleaning technology of heat exchangers, evaporators, cooling jackets from scale and corrosion.

Cleaning without hydrochloric acid
Without dismantling and disassembling equipment
20 years on European and Russian markets
Environmentally friendly product
Safe to use
Easy to neutralize after chemical treatment
The product does not affect the fittings and equipment control systems
Low cleaning cost

It is important to note that:
— the product has all the necessary legal documents for use in Russia and Europe
— the product is certified by the GOST

Cardboard and paper mills
Nuclear power plants
Chemical and petrochemical enterprises
River and sea vessels
Food industry enterprises
Metallurgical and other enterprises having heat-exchange equipment

We provide services for cleaning, rinsing and washing of heat exchange systems at the customer's site by using our own repair base, available equipment and experienced group of maintenance services.

Washing and pickling of heat exchangers handed in for repair.
Pipelines, steam pipelines, product pipelines, equipment, etc., are subjected to pre-start washing to clear them of any technical greases, oils, rust, scale and welding marks at the industrial enterprise. This is followed by the pacification of treated interior surfaces. Work is performed according to the customer's washing program.

Descale and restore flow, cumulative heat exchangers and water heaters of all types, including:

  • compressors, condensers, injectors
  • evaporators, fractioning columns, cooling jackets, refrigerators
  • cooling systems of compressors of methane, oxygen, air, nitrogen and similar equipment
  • shell-and-tube, plastic, spiral and other heat exchangers
  • heaters
  • reheaters
  • boilers.

We work in all areas of the industry:

  • Petrochemical and oil refinery plants
  • Cardboard and paper mills
  • Nuclear power plants
  • Metallurgical enterprises
  • Sea and river vessels
  • Food industry: sugar factories, breweries, juice production factories, dairy factories, confectionery production factories, alcohol beverages production factories
  • Other enterprises with heat exchangers.

Biorenex products are reagents and catalysts for the industrial sector.


Biorenex-S reagent is designed for chemical washing in terms of solution circulation at an elevated temperature of 40-50 C.

Material compatibility:
Grey cast iron
Stainless steel
Carbon steel
Enameled steel
Galvanized steel
Copper alloys
Aluminum alloys


Biorenex-K reagent is a special product that used in specific conditions where we are dealing with scales resistant to Biorenex-S, B products.

The product contains additional 2% of activator, accelerating scales dissolution process.
Material compatibility:
Grey cast iron
Stainless steel
Carbon steel


Biorenex neutralizer is designed to neutralize Biorenex products before draining them into the sewer.

Material compatibility:
Grey cast iron
Stainless steel
Carbon steel
Enameled steel
Galvanized steel
Copper alloys
Aluminum alloys


BIORENEX-B reagent is designed for chemical treatment in terms of solution circulation.

If you feel that your boiler constantly hammers and your gas bills are rising but your radiators are only slightly warm, this is a clear indication that the heat exchanger in the boiler is covered with scum. The failure to routinely flush the boiler at least once every two years (depending on the water hardness) can lead to system failure and costly repairs. Usually, the problem will occur in the midst of the heating season, when the outside temperature is -20 C.
If you have boilers, gas water heaters, heaters, heat exchangers in a house, cottage or apartment, we offer the safe, economical way to keep your equipment free of scale, dirt, sludge, etc.
Main parameters:
Type of reagent Liquid
Packaging Can
Weight 5 kg / 10 kg / 25 kg
Material compatibility:
Grey cast iron
Stainless steel
Carbon steel
Enameled steel
Galvanized steel
Copper alloys
Aluminum alloys
    Apply one of our recommended chemical pumps for compliance. They use the latest technology for the flushing of district heating systems and industrial heat exchangers. The installation of a pump during the chemical flushing process guarantees:
  • Support the proper temperature of the solution;
  • Support of adequate circulation of the liquid jets in the system;
  • Proper distribution of product in the cleaned system;
  • Effective leaching of dissolved sediment, rust and scale;
  • A simple way to change product flow direction in the cleaned system.

The use of BIORENEX product for flushing the system always gives measurable benefits. Carrying out the flushing in accordance with recommended technology allows us to achieve the best results using our designed chemical pumps.


We also offer rental services of the equipment regardless of whether you purchase a pump. We offer equipment rental for customers who buy the product but do not have their own equipment and want to clean their systems.

Aircraft manufacturing plant, flushing of oil cooler of the compressor

Execution of works at the plant for the production of mineral fertilizers

Juice plant

The process of cleaning the cooling line of rolls and heat exchangers


    For companies operating in industries:
  • repair and maintenance of heat exchangers,
  • repair and maintenance of district heating networks,
  • installation and maintenance of individual heating units,
  • repair and maintenance of valves,
  • repair and maintenance of industrial boilers,
  • installation, start-up and maintenance of boiler equipment,
  • commissioning works at industrial plants,
  • repair and maintenance of pumps,

We are ready to offer cooperation in chemical cleaning with the use of our equipment and BIORENEX reagents.

We offer advantageous conditions for cooperation, a comprehensive briefing on the proposed cooperation and preferential conditions for the purchase (lease) of pumping apparatus, as well as BIORENEX liquids for all partners.

We offer cooperation in maintenance and flushing of deposits from any origin that result during the operation for enterprises that use heat-transfer equipment (chillers, condensers, evaporators, fractioning columns, cooling jackets, refrigerators, heat exchangers of any design, etc.). Our experts will conduct a comprehensive analysis of the deposits occurring in equipment and then present the best way to remove them. We can even train your specialists in the use of our technology.

We'll restore the heat-exchange and production characteristics of equipment to save resources, avoid costly repairs, prevent unforeseen equipment replacement and limit long downtime that costly repairs can incur.



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